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Sunday, 13 June 2021

Lexington Christian Academy

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Lexington Christian Academy
Lexington Christian Academy
Josh Robinson form the Lexington Christian Academy joins us on GDK!

Was 67.

For the high temperatur as we begin to try out ... i think that alyssa electing christian academy for christ centered morals afford them at the willing is to do for others out or four walls of their school joining us today with all details and how you can help them in their efforts to help those in need ... in eastern kentucky is josh robinson the school spiritual life director, welcome joshua you join us to be here and good morning to you.

We google.

Likewise talk about what inspired you guys to support th disaster relief efforts in eastern kentucky ... only our inspiration but you're okay.

We to model christ in our community.

When you word quote for the book from state to whom much is given, much will be required an outline of the things that we christians are what we've been blessed with your okay we been we sleep well worth the you things.

Firstly, our neighbor, and you know the great commandment about you matthew 22 yourself when neighbors in eastern kentucky are in great need.

We feel that it would dude you are to meet the need to do so by providing thought providing water import would reach or looking at some of the images right now what yo guys are able to collect the top more about just how much that was because the is looks like an incredible effort ... the we only to school to work really showed up and showed out our we believe your you will best expressed in action and ar really really express love neighbors.

We had a 200 pairs o thought donated over one water for industrial and overflowing with toiletries about the law.

We probably why the greater the was just today that's insane.

Our prayer is really to help he neighbors.

You guys play such a emphasis on that aspect of things of the kids there to learn the ins and outs of education, but but more than that giving back to the community you surprised to see this out or from the students in just two days or was it something that you got a fix ... arm record on your two years now and that we work with donald and when we do we do parents and students are actually on a waiting list to join us on a saturday any time there is a need within our community parents or students really stop on the series with regard to his christian and we believe that our response will be over before the others we were beyond measure euro ea.

We wanted to what and use them to help you in our community in the that's actually incredible.

I'm curious to see what sort of the feedback from the parent that actually come forth with all of the donation.

How are they feeling about the two will here go run deep in eastern kentucky mark only ultra there so low.

Lots of them, especiall those in the sea of family members benefit the "we went to the high school with benefit.

What we collect your so much.

The mother people to me via email will be phone breakdown and start crying stories of how thought providing water.

We hope about going to what 104 the work you're like, many with the family and you got wonderful feedback blessed your story about how what we felt to park where certainly some amazing work by you guys and interesting to families and we appreciate what you're doing.

Some of these ... kentucky and virginia, top is ... all pretty much appreciated


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