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Sunday, 13 June 2021

Bill Burr 10 pm

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Bill Burr 10 pm
Bill Burr 10 pm
Bill Burr 10 pm

Pleaded not guilty to charges in the death of george floyd.

The seven remaining jurors make up half of the required 14 jurors for the trial, including two alternates.

Testimony in the case is set to begin no earlier than monday march 29th.

> for many americans, last ste been the last celebration before lock-downs due to covid-19.

And today with more states easing covid restrictions, there is renewed fear about rapidly spreading vearmtses during the holiday.

It comes as congress holds a hearing asking nationa health experts about efforts to vaccinate the american public.

Nadia romero has the latest.

Reporter: a small group marched in a largely virtual celebration of the world's biggest st.

Patrick's day parade in new york city.

A pop of green outside the white house comes with a firm message from the biden administration discouraging large gatherings.

Masks, distancing, avoiding congregate set kings and washing of hands.

Reporter: the latest data from johns hopkins university shows covid-19 cases at least 10% higher than last week in 15 states.

But still overall numbers are down in the country.

The same data shows at least 10% of the adult population fully vaccines in all states, despite vaccine shortages.

We're working through that and i think in the weeks ahead that will diminish and then we're really going to need do the hard work, as you know, to work towards getting vaccine in place that is it hasn't touched yet.

Reporter: the house holding a hearing asking health experts about vaccine distribution.

One lawmaker on the house committee, dr. raul ruiz, frustrated by challenges.

The greatest factor in those communities is not whether or not they want the vaccine.

It's the systematic barriers that exist where you have very few doctors, very few clinics, and you have decreased resources.

Reporter: and now a rush to get shots in arms as covid-19 variants spread.

With st.

Patrick's day and spring break bringing outing the crowds, fauci calling variant spread one of the most concerning developments in the pandemic.

In washington, i'm