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Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Myanmar protesters express despair with tattoos

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Myanmar protesters express despair with tattoos
Myanmar protesters express despair with tattoos

People in Myanmar protesting the military's seizure of power, which has sparked widespread violence in the country, have a new tool - coup-themed tattoos.

Flora Bradley-Watson reports.

The three fingered salute that has become the symbol of Myanmar's protests against the military seizing power.

In a tattoo parlour in the city of Yangon, a young female protester is one of dozens of people who are using their bodies to ink their solidarity with the movement.

Tattoo parlours say coup-themed tattoos have now become the most requested motifs.

Customers have opted for the words "Freedom from Fear", "Spring Revolution", or the face of Aung San Suu Kyi.

One customer who spoke to Reuters chose to remain anonymous.

"I felt like I lost my future when I heard the news on February 1.

I feel so much in pain and I don't want to get to forget that pain ever, and I would like to show our younger generations how we got rid of this system so I am here to get the tattoo... The meaning of the tattoo is "Freedom from Fear".

They threatened us with the weapons.

But our revolution won't win if we have fear.

So we must get rid of this kind of fear to prevail in our revolution.

"Freedom from Fear" comes from that purpose." In the days immediately after the coup, many tattoo artists inked people for free.

Some were reportedly arrested for their work.

Now parlours are being careful to do their work discretely but still offer steep discounts.