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Sunday, 13 June 2021

Iowa Vaccine Goals

Credit: KIMT
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Iowa Vaccine Goals
Iowa Vaccine Goals
Is the target realistic?


Yesterday ?

"* iowa governor kim reynolds asserted that vaccine availability for all iowans would be met by april 5th.

But it's less than a month away, raising the question can that goal be achieved?

Kimt news 3's alex jirgens is looking into the possibilities.

He joins us live in mason city ?

*- alex?xxx george ?

"* the governor said yesterday that all adult iowans will be eligible for a vaccination starting april 5th.

This is dependant on the increase in the state's vaccine allocation ?

"* with the white house expected to double shipments to about 200 thousand per week.


"*g public health director brian hanft says this doesn't change much from what they're doing now.

He allows that it is likely to take several months before everybody who wants to be "we don't want to lose site of the people who are over 65.

We still have a group of people over the age of 65 who haven't had their first dose.

Making sure we continue to focus on those groups that are really at risk, those people over 65 years old who have underlying health conditions.'

Data from the c?


"*c shows just over percent of iowans have been fully vaccinated.

1 point 1 million total doses have been administered.

At her news conference yesterday ?

"* the governor said the state is turning a corner on the virus.

Live in mason thank you alex.

The governor's announcement comes on top of president joe biden's earlier announcement of wanting all americans to be eligible for a vaccine on may 1st.///