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Thursday, 24 June 2021

cdc reduces social distancing requirement

Credit: WKTV
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cdc reduces social distancing requirement
cdc reduces social distancing requirement
cdc reduces social distancing requirement


It's the news many school districts have been waiting for, and the single development that is now enabling many to bring students back to the classroom, full time.

The cdc has modified its social distancing recommendation for grades k-12 from six feet, to three feet.

Newschannel 2's joleen ferris hears from school leaders.

Three feet have changed the course of oneida county's largest school district, as they naviga covid 19..


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None31 "we're gearing up for full time in person, not in person hybrid" the cdc today reduced their recommendation for social distancing in k-12 classrooms from six feet, to three feet.

12:30 "on tuesday night's board meeting i'm gonna present to the board a revised reopening plan that will include the new cdc guidance" six feet was the last real impediment to a return to in person learning for utica, which has 11 thousand students.

Because of that massive student body, the district will still phase in student's return next month 13:10 "we will start a phase in process because we're looking at thousands of students.

We'll start with elementary phase in, go to middle and then the high because we have busing we have to organize and schedule" whitesboro will allow all students to return full time after spring break, april 12th.

Oriskany shares the same target date.

Rome today posted on their website, asking parents to complete a return to full time learning form.

The two choices for the rest of the year: full time home or full time in person.

Same choice in utica.

Oriskany, too, is telling parents that hybrid goes away after spring break, on april 12th.

18:26 "every teacher wants the students back as soon as possible" the head of the rome teachers union says don't expect any roadblocks there 19:38 "our union, e re teaches associaon ,is in direct line witour pareorganizar stressing, as i have, safety first" all schools will still use ppe....including masks, three feet have changed the course of oneida


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