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Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Summer programs to address COVID learning gap

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Summer programs to address COVID learning gap
Summer programs to address COVID learning gap
Summer programs to address COVID learning gap

We're learning about about how schools are working to make up lost ground due to the coronavirus.

Tonight - school districts in north alabama are working on programs to help students who may have fallen behind due to the pandemic.

Waay31s sierra phillips spent the day in scottsboro and learned how scottsboro city school's program is gearing up for summer.

Holland- "with them being behind teachers have had to play catch up getting them ready for the grade they actually started this year."

The school year right now is a learning curve for students and teachers.

Students missed 9 weeks of class last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mclaughlin "we are behind a 9 weeks.

So we've had to go back and fill in those gaps and then those children who still aren't getting it you're back here at square one."

That's why this new, 4 week, 4 days a week summer learning program is stepping up to help.

Reyes- "the day will run like a normal school day."

The program will be for students grades kindergarten through 3rd grade who are the most behind.

Holland- "when you're in first and second grade you've missed out on a lot of literacy skills."

Ll- scottsboro city isn't alone.

Marshall county schools is kicking off "camp marshall" and albertville city schools is launching their own literacy camps through next school year.

In scottsboro, sierra phillips waay31 news.

This comes as the cdc is changing its recommendation s for schools from 6 feet of social distance to just 3.

Superintendent jose reyes explains that 6 feet wasn't always an option.

"the 6 feet rule, it was never something that you could logistically make sure that it happened at all times so we're glad to see the 3 feet rule come into play."

Reyes says they'll continue their same plan, focusing on 6 feet of social distance at least through spring break.

Then they will re-evaluate when students


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