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Saturday, 17 April 2021

Busch Gardens opens Giraffe Bar | Morning Blend

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Busch Gardens opens Giraffe Bar | Morning Blend
Busch Gardens opens Giraffe Bar | Morning Blend
Busch Gardens Opens Giraffe Bar

Go ahead and bring in oneover at Busch Gardens werethis morning as she introdgiraffe bar, which I don'ta better location in all ois a pretty cool spot, BecCarly.

And welcome to yourat Busch Gardens.

We are sthe draft bar this Friday,going to be amazing.


The Florida craft bwith the cause.

Could youI mean, I'm just so exciteno idea this was coming.

Sthis week, we thought, Wheout of?

So break it down fIn the park.

So we're openat Busch Gardens in one ofhistoric buildings.

The Sebuilding originally openedSwiss house.

But there's nit now.

So we're going toat this location with thefor our guests to be ableviews of our Serengeti Plaamazing cocktails and espethat really are helping toand wild animals.

So I'lloptions that you have therthat go behind him, becausSo I'm going to start youadorable tasting paddle.


This is yellow Heartwo different flights avaimore EPA based and one thawheat ales, and that's goibreweries right here in TaTampa Bay Brewing Company,fantastic breweries represGardens.

And then, if fearwe also have wine, and thidrinks.

If here at the barnoir to save the bees.

Sowine plants farmland for BNorth America.

And these apollinator for all of theSo it's really cute that wlike proud, poor.

And thengonna want to pair that upyummy and savory, right?

Ya minute.


Is that athere?

So this is my favorserving.

This is a giraffepretzels at a bar, just ato go with the Bush Gardena draft shaped pretzel, riAlright, we can go to theus So what you have thereso tasty, Becca.

Absolutelcarnivorous options as welfamous for its smoked brisevery day, super delicioussmokehouse and Zambia, andamazing here.

You're goingof some loaded French frieabsolutely incredible.

Gotsome of our cocktails on tI love Becca until we talkwhere I feel like Busch Gamean, it has something forit's roller coasters, thesee here.

But I feel likealso becoming a food destiitself as well.

That's riga foodies paradise here wifestivals are fantastic eastill have our food and wion all through the month oexciting news.

We now haveand Sunday in April to paidishes over 100 and 10 samto choose from.

Oh, wait anews, I'm told.

We also havideo that we need to rollthe this little guy or a gOne of the newest faces yoBusch Gardens is this littHer name is said Dora andearlier this year.

She wasShe's just recently made hcan see her getting kind oof the other giraffes outLittle Beacon, one of ourAnd it's just so importantgreat success with our speas a part of our associatiof Zoos and Aquariums acroso important that we're hethrive because drafts artiendangered in the wild.

Thso thrilled to welcome a nit's a really big baby.

IWe love you so much.

Congryou and the team are excitup, and we've been showingas well, and that's kind oget reservations.

Make surtime.



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