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Sunday, 19 September 2021

Changes coming to COVID-19 protocols in Indiana

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Changes coming to COVID-19 protocols in Indiana
Changes coming to COVID-19 protocols in Indiana

Governor Eric Holcomb is making changes to COVID-19 protocols and vaccinations.

Some local health officials say it could pose a problem


Indiana announced a big move for the covid 19 vaccine.

In just a few days... all hoosiers over the age of 16 will be eligible to get the vaccine news 10's sarah lehman is live in our newsroom.

She has more on what that actually means for you!

It's good news for those younger hoosiers who want to get the covid 19 vaccine.

But the news comes with a few speed bumps for you..

And for local health departments!

Indiana governor eric holcomb made the announcement tuesday.

"wednesday march 31st we'll plan to open up vaccine eligibility to all hoosiers 16 years and older."

Ashlee stewart works with the vigo county health department.

She says -- that is exciting news.

But -- that plan has a small snag.

"the moderna vaccine is only eligible for 18 and up as well as johnson and johnson.

The pfizer vaccine is for 16 and up."

That means anyone under the age of 18 would have to get the pfizer vaccine.

Which -- in vigo county is only being offered at one place.

Plus -- they have to find a way to store the pfizer vaccine properly.

Stewart also says they rely on the state to give them their vaccine allocations.

So -- she says there could be a few road bumps along the way when march 31st rolls around.

Governor holcomb also announced the state's mask mandate will end april 6th.

Holcomb says they will stay mandatory in all state buildings... vaccination and testing sites... and public schools.

But here locally..stewart says she personally doesn't think the move is good for hoosiers.

"this is personal so and i think i'm also speaking for medical professionals in a way as well the mask has prevented so much more than we even recognize.

Yes, it's helped slow down covid.

But ultimately we've seen like no flu this year.

/// so i'm hoping and praying that people still use their best brain and wear their mask because it is working."

Stewart says if you are scheduled to get your vaccine to show up on time... or only 10 minutes early!

She says they're experiencing back ups with people showing up too early.

Reporting live in the newsroom.

I'm sarah lehman news 10.

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