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Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Community Cleanup

Credit: WTHI
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Community Cleanup
Community Cleanup
Community Cleanup

Right now in vigo county....there is a "150"-dollar fine if you get caught littering.

But...vigo county commissioners are trying to up that price.

News 10's bri shackelford shares with us what plans are in the works....and why.

//////// right now i am standing at darwin road in west terre haute.

This area you see behind me is described to be a "trash corridor" by vigo county commissioner chris switzer.

Switzer says littering in this area is a huge problem.

He says this is a county road many residents....and visitors take to get to west terre haute.

He tells me when people take this road... they often see trash lining both sides.

And sometimes....they may toss trash themselves.

That's why the vigo county commissioners want to stop this problem in its tracks.

Switzer says when people come in to our community....they shouldn't be greeted by loads of trash.

"i would say easily 1000 cars drive though here every day, and a lot of them are from out of town, a lot of them are residents that live on darwin road.

But a lot of people are visiting this community so we want to make sure it's presentable to everyone who comes by."

Now coming up for you at the top of the hour i'll let you know more about what the vigo county commissioners are doing in order to stop people stop littering here... and what the vigo county sheriff's department has to say.

Reporting from west terre haute....bri 10.


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