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Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Covid vaccine eligibility expanded to all Georgians over 16

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Covid vaccine eligibility expanded to all Georgians over 16
Covid vaccine eligibility expanded to all Georgians over 16

Covid vaccine eligibility is now expanded to everyone over 16-years-old in Georgia.

News at six good evening.

Thanks for joining us for 41nbc news at 6.

I'm tucker sargent.

Our top story tonight at 6: if you've waited patiently over the last few months for your turn to get a covid vaccine, now is your chance.

41nbc's ariel schiller visited several vaccination sites to find out how they've prepared for the expanded eligibility for all georgians 16 and older, which began today.

Covid vaccine eligibility is now extended to everyone over the age of 16 in georgia.

Vaccination sites say they're prepared for the increase in patients.

It's been a month since the mass vaccination sites opened across the state.

Kerry futch is the site commander for the macon mass vaccination site.

He says the first day of expanded eligibility is slower than usual, but they're prepared once the word gets out and more appointments start filling up.

"we've got extra lanes that we can open up, we have a traffic flow pattern that we can set in place to assist with the traffic off of eisenhower."

Dawn ross is the chief clinical informatics officer for atrium health navicent.

She says appointments ran out earlier than they normally do on the first day of expanded eligibility.

She says it's an exciting day for them.

"first of all our potential volume is going to increase because more people qualify and it means that we can end the pandemic sooner."

Futch says they've vaccinated more than twenty seven thousand people so far.

They haven't seen anyone with serious side effects and most people report feeling fine afterwards.

He says they hope to vaccinate more people.

"we have plenty of time slots available and we have the nurses and the staff on site to accomodate as many as we can."

Ross says side effects are commonly confused with how your body is supposed to react.

She says you want your body to build a response after getting vaccinated, because it shows your body is building immunity.

She encourages everyone to get vaccinated.

"i understand being nervous it seems very new but the vaccine is well tested, millions of people have received it now and it's studied it's safe and you should get one."

The moderna if you want to sign up for a vaccine appointment, go to my

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