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Sunday, 13 June 2021

Community in Butte County reacts to vaccine eligibility expansion

Credit: KHSL
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Community in Butte County reacts to vaccine eligibility expansion
Community in Butte County reacts to vaccine eligibility expansion

Local community members are reacting after the state announced that everyone 16 and older can start making appointments for the Covid-19 vaccine on April 15th.

The state has the capacity to administer more than 3 million vaccines per week.

But can our local health departments get the supply to make that happen?

New at 5-- action news now reporter krisitan lopez shows us what you can expect in butte county.

Kristian: butte county public health officials say they suppor* the state's decision to expand vaccine eligibility and they plan to follow suit -- but it'll all be based on supply.

This comes as a big relief for many younger people in the county like serenity colmenero who thought the wait would be longer.

Serenity colmenero: i think overall i will get it i think its a really good idea to getting us back on track and getting back to normal life.

Lisa almaguer: as we have through the entire pandemic, as always this based on receiving enough supply and continuing to get those allocations to meet the demand and vaccinate everyone who is eligible.

Kristian: and looking at the current numbers in butte county the total number of allocated doses stands at 110, 545 total shots administered is 78, 754 and number of people who have completed vaccination is 30,369.

Reporting in the studio, kristian lopez action news now coverage you can count on.

Butte county public health says it has also received johnson and johnson vaccine allocations from the state but they are small and not enough for community based clinics.

Right now they will be used for on-site or smaller mobile clinics until the county


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