Ship Stuck in Suez Canal Causing Global Shipping Crisis
Ship Stuck in Suez Canal Causing Global Shipping Crisis

SUEZ, EGYPT — The world's busiest shipping channel, Egypt's Suez Canal, has been completely blocked by a huge container ship that ran aground after losing control, causing a long traffic jam of cargo ships in the region.

The BBC reports that tug boats and a digger have been deployed to help shift the 400 meter long ship, called the Ever Given, but there are fears it could remain trapped for many days.

The incident occurred just north of the port of Suez early on Tuesday 23 March.

The ship is lodged sideways across the waterway, blocking the path of dozens of other vessels which are now trapped in lines in both directions.

The ship's owners said they suspect the ship was pushed by a sudden strong wind, causing it to hit the side and run aground.

Incidents such as this are rare, but could have huge ramifications for global trade.

If canal personnel are unable to pull the ship free in a high tide, they would have to start removing cargo, which would be a very difficult task in the middle of the desert.