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Sunday, 13 June 2021

The Locker Room: Blackhawk Basketball Reflects on Remarkable Four-Year Run

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The Locker Room: Blackhawk Basketball Reflects on Remarkable Four-Year Run
The Locker Room: Blackhawk Basketball Reflects on Remarkable Four-Year Run

Over their last four seasons, the Blackhawk Christian Braves have amassed a record of 104-11 to go along with four sectional titles, three regional titles, two semi-state titles, and one state title.

Evening everyone..welcome inside the locker name is justin prince, joined as always by my partner petar hood..appreciate you making us a part of your friday night..

We'll try to make it worth your while..we've got komets highlights on the way..our first high school softball sighting of the season here in the locker room..and we go one on one with the newest member of the uconn women's basketball program..

Homestead's own ayanna patterson will explain why she chose the huskies..but pete, we begin with boys hoops..the state finals are now just over a week away..and the 2-6-0 will be well represented down in indy..yeah, two teams from the fort wayne area will get to compete for state championships next saturday..

For the blackhawk christian braves, a chance to cap a remarkable four-year run with their second title in the last three seasons..a victory over parke heritage next weekend would also extend blackhawk's postseason winning streak to 17..yeah, to find the last time the braves lost a tournament game, you've got to go all the way back to march 17th of 2018... ?nat sound pop- shot misses, crowd cheers?

Marcus davidson: "i wasn't dressing on varsity that year as a freshman.

I was practicing and traveling with the team, but i was there, and i felt the pain of that loss.

And coming in sophomore year, yeah you could say there was some motivation there to feed off of that disappointment from obviously a great season, semi-state, but make sure to get it done this time."narr: yeah and the braves have been getting the job done ever since.

After being upset by southwood in semi-state in 2018, blackhawk bounced back and won it all in 2019.

And the braves left no doubt, handing barr-reeve a 60-43 beatdown in the 1-a title game...zane burke: "yeah i just remember pure joy, going through the whole year, practicing every day, our end goal was to win the state championship, and after it happened, just a great feeling for me and my teammates."caleb furst: "yeah it was a lot of fun.

And a lot of people were very emotional on our team and everything.

Yeah, it was just really cool to see the way that we had all bonded together throughout the season, that came to be the fruition of what we had been dong all year long."narr; and now the braves have a chance to do it again.

After covid cut last year's postseason run short, blackhawk came back with a vegance this season.

In fact, b-c has beaten its six tournament opponents by an average margin of 30 points per game, despite the fact that it's playing up a class..

Marcus davidson: "we've been making sure to stay hungry and humble throughout the success, because it would be easy to coast and say, 'alright we already got it done once; it's not that big a deal now.'

We're just as motivated now, if not more motivated to get it done, again."zane burke: "i think our biggest motivation, for us seniors at least, is that it's our last game.

It's crazy to think of that.

It's been four long years, and now just coming down to one last game, with our teammates.

That's the motivation, that we're going to play our hardest for us and coach davidson."narr: regardless of what happens next saturda this senior class's legacy has already been cemented.

Over their last four seasons, the braves have amassed a record of 104-11 with three sectional titles, three regional titles, two semi-state titles, and at least one state title.

During that time, the trio of caleb furst, zane burke and marcus davidson have combined to score over fourty three hundred career points while re-writing the record books at b-c.

But when you ask them what they hope to leave behind, it's got little to do with stats, accolades or even championships..furst: "i would say that we always played hard and that we were not just good players on the court, but better men off the court.

Yeah, just that we were able to show christ through the way we played."burke: "i say we're just built on brotherhood.

We all love each other.

We've been great friends ever since the day i came here.

Off the court translates to on the court.

We move the ball really well.

We play great team defense.

Everything just comes from our love for one another, and that just helps us play our best every game."petar hood: "again after everything this group has accomplished and what this senior class has menat to the school, if you guys are able to get it done next saturday, what would it mean to celebrate another state championship with these guys?"marcus davidson: "yeah it would mean a lot.

Really, really thankful for the opportunity.

And so hopefully you see some of the kids in the crowd with blackhawk on, hopefully they start dreaming and they think to themselves, 'man that could be me someday.'

But hopefully it motivates them to work hard and keep getting better for the future, and so, as we talked about earlier... the legacy that we leave, they can see that and be inspired by it."

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