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Friday, 17 September 2021

churches prep for easter!

Credit: WTHI
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churches prep for easter!
churches prep for easter!
churches prep for easter!

Dollars a year.

Churches across the wabash valley are preparing for the easter holiday next sunday.

This is a time a lot of people typically fill the pews.

News 10's porsha williams explains how local congregations are handling the pandemic and easing covid-19 restrictions.

Nats: remnant church service the faithful filled seats inside remnant church this palm sunday.

With easing covid-19 restrictions... more are expected to worship easter sunday.

The pastor from remnant church says they are wiping down seats and social distancing ahead of the big service.

" being able to come to church was for me my life saver.

It gave me something to look forward to, and really, being able to hear the word of god gave me hope."

Nats: car honk northside communty church in vigo county welcomed families for easter egg hunts ahead of the easter holiday.

Pastor clark cowden says covid-19 precautions will still be in place.

"we're still following the mask and the social distance guidelines as those will be in affect after easter and our people have been great about taking precautions all this past year."

Pastor cowden says he still streams his service online for those folks who aren't ready for in-person services.

"that's been a great service to offer and people really appreciate it cause some have a lot of underlying health conditions that they feel they need to stay home for so it's just a way to keep connected for people who kind've need that."

Often a time of rebirth... often a time of rebirth... pastor cowden says this easter holds special meaning.

"i think people are breathing a sigh of relief, not that everything is completely over but there are some relaxations for the recommendations.

People are feeling a little more comfortable.

More people have gotten their vaccines."

And... back at remnant church... the church leaders say they have a lot to give praise for this spring.

"together we can make a difference kingdom mentality, not remnant mentality, not bridge mentality, or any other church mentality, it's about the kingdom of god and nothing else."

In vigo county with photojournalists jaren west and quentyn marshall, pw, news 10.