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Friday, 6 August 2021

Greene County and the COVID-19 vaccine

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Greene County and the COVID-19 vaccine
Greene County and the COVID-19 vaccine
Greene County and the COVID-19 vaccine

Against variants.

A new mass vaccination site could be coming to greene county.

On news 10's first at five..

We told you how vaccination efforts have been going.'ll hear about future plans the health department has in store.... and why they may need your help.

News 10's bri shackelford joins us in studio to explain.

The greene county health department tells me they put in a request to receive the johnson-and-johnson vaccine.

Right now health leaders tell me they won't be able to receive the vaccine... but...they are confident it will make it's way to the county.

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Duration:1:15] pk} shari lewis with the greene county health department tells me the reason they aren't receiving the johnson-and-johnson vaccine is due to the lack of federal supply.

But lewis says she's hoping by april 10th they will get a large amount of the johnson-and- johnson vaccine... and....then they can do a mass vaccination site.

"and then we can offer greene county residents those, those who are interested in that single does, just you know two days in that where they can come out and get those doses."

The greene county health department is looking to hold thevaccination site at the greene county fairgrounds.

Lewis says right now they're looking to vaccinate 10 people every 10 minutes..

But, they say they need your help to put on the vaccination site.

"we're definetly going to need additional help because we're talking about opperating a mass site.

Even doing more than what we're ding on a regular basis."

Lewis tells me the vaccination sites... wouldn't be possible without the help of the voulunteers.

She says she's thankful to be in a community where people are stepping up in order to keep everyone safe.

"there's no words that can truly express the way i feel about the service that has been given to us."

Lewis says if you would like to volunteer.... or are looking to help out in the can contact the greene county health department.

We have their information linked on our website over at w-t-h-i tv dot com.

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