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Saturday, 31 July 2021

Vaccine Eligibility Keeps Lowering throughout Tri-State

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Vaccine Eligibility Keeps Lowering throughout Tri-State
Vaccine Eligibility Keeps Lowering throughout Tri-State
Vaccine Eligibility Keeps Lowering throughout Tri-State

First at 5--- vaccinating the tri-state efforts*rising to all new levels.*as another week begins with a trove of people --- who are newly- eligible for the covid-19 vaccine.

And locally-- supply-- does not seem to have slowed vaccination efforts... as we get even closer to teens becoming*the next in line.

As 44 news reporter marisa patwa shows us-- local hospital systems-- and other vaccine providers are bracing for a wave of people to sign up-- she's live with local reaction... while nearly nine hundred thousand more hoosiers can now now roll up their sleeves vaccine clinic operators say -- even without increased allotments from the state health department until mid april -- they are doing their best to administer shots to everyone signing up in kentucky -- the eligibility for the vaccine dropped to 40 monday in indiana -- it's now at 30 and hoosier hospitals are gearing up for that number to drop even more on wednesday -- to sixteen -- even as they face operational limitations.

"unfortunately right now - i've reached out several times to indiana -- we are not getting more vaccine at this time -- so we can't really increase our capacity -- but we're still doing 850/900 doses per day at our downtown clinic."

Over in the bluegrass -- owensboro health is already vaccinating those teens -- thanks to a state-loophole allowing hospitals to widen the age of eligibility if they have enough doses available.

"for us it's like we have the vaccines -- they've been delivered to us -- we have the open slots -- we have the staff in the clinic to be able to do this.

And in the end -- everyone needs to get vaccinated that wants to get vaccinated and that's where were at for our community" but some-- like spencer radke -- "i've had covid....probably 50 percent//60 percent of my family's had it."

Despite that-- he is still apprehensive about being vaccinated-- "it's your do what you want with it."

Health experts have advice for people like radke-- "it's a safe vaccine -- it's been shown to be an effective vaccine."

"i have not had anyone admitted to the hospital here who has been vaccinated -- and we've done probably sixty five to seventy thousand injections."

As for radke -- he is glad those close to his age can get a shot if they want to.

"the more people who get vaccinated -- the quicker we get back to normal."

In illinois -- more essential workers are now eligible to receive their shot in some parts of the state with those sixteen and over getting their chance at immunity starting april 12th reporting live in evansville marisa patwa 44news


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