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Sunday, 13 June 2021

New Wabash group home works to make life easier for people with disabilities

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New Wabash group home works to make life easier for people with disabilities
New Wabash group home works to make life easier for people with disabilities

Pathfinder Services officially opened its new group home in Wabash today that houses individuals with disabilities.

Tonight -- a new group home is opening up for individuals with disabilities.pathfinder services held a ribbon cutting this morning for the new home in 55's kelsey mannix reports how it will benefit the residentsand how the city of wabash has played a role in their success.

Maranda smith, residential manager: "they do dance parties on fridays or everybody's involved in the kitchen when we're cooking meals.""the perks of living in a group home.a sense of community.and for the residents of the new pathfinder services group home in wabash residential manager maranda smith says there's more space to do what they love.maranda smith, residential manager: "it's not so much of a 'i have to do' anymore, it's an 'i get to do' because there is more availability."all the residents in the home have intellectual disabilities.

President and ceo at pathfinder danielle tips says the new home fits the different needs of each person.

Danielle tips, president & ceo at pathfinder: "as folks age, accessibility becomes an issue.

So our goal is always to let folks age in place and live at home as long as possible."there's a large kitchen wide hallways and an open living room area.bigger than the previous location but in the same city that's been nothing but friendly to the residents.danielle tips, president and ceo at pathfinder: "it was really important for them to stay in wabash it's been such a warm and inviting community and has really been open to diversity and accepting all individuals with all abilities."maranda smith, residential manager: "that's what good about wabash, it is a smaller town, so you kind of really do know everybody and everybody is involved together."wabash mayor scott long is happy to see it finished and to have groups like pathfinder that work to make life easier for people in the city.scott long, mayor of wabash: "organizations such as pathfinder who are assisting people with disabilities, and they need to be recognized for all the work they do in the community to assist folks with disabilities."in wabash i'm kelsey mannix, fox55 news.

For more information about disability awareness month and how pathfinder serves the disabled community, you can visit our website


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