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Thursday, 23 September 2021

Kansas moves to phase 5 of COVID vaccinations

Credit: KQTV
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Kansas moves to phase 5 of COVID vaccinations
Kansas moves to phase 5 of COVID vaccinations
Kansas moves to phase 5 of COVID vaccinations

Up phase five of it's covid vaccination, with anyone eighteen years and older now eligible.

Kq2's mitchell riberal spoke with doniphan county residents, and health officials on their reactions to already being in phase five.

<< mitchell riberal reporting sot: cindy hoverson: doniphan county resident "i thought it was supposed to be scary, but it wasn't scary at all"as the state of kansas opens up to phase 5 of the covid vaccines...doniphan county officials following suit... sot: sheryl pierce: administrator of doniphan co.

& home health agency: "we're very pleased that phase 5 this early in the game, our have no waiting list at this point."

While phase 5 underway across the state... allowing older to get it...doniphan county will host a clinic on april 8th... and those already receiving vaccines are happy to see it moving forward so fastsot: william boeh:doniphan county resident: "the faster we can get more people vaccinated in our county, the more uh return to normal we will see.

Uh definitely uh more safe our community will be"many hope that as phase 5 beingsmore people will get the vaccineone way to convince?

You get to see people you haven't in a yearsot: hoverson: ""this is more fun than the flu shot.

You gotta go to your doctor to get the flu shot.

Here you get to see everybody, you get to see friends you haven't seen for a year"those receiving the shots in the close-knit community say they are supportive of the health department and shocked with the clinicssot: janet young: doniphan co.

Resident: "i can't believe how well organized it is, you just come in, register, take your temperature, and they give you the shot, and you wait 15 minutes and you're free to leave"opening phase 5 on monday.

Health officials say they hope they can get a even higher percentage of vaccinations done.sot: pierce:"far as the 18 years of age and older, 25% of our population have received the vaccine more people to call us and more people to their arms," reporting in county, mitchell riberal, kq2 news doniphan county already has phase five appointments available for their next clinic on april 8th.