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Saturday, 15 May 2021

Opening day in a Pandemic

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Opening day in a Pandemic
Opening day in a Pandemic
Play Ball!

Easter weekend.

The 2021 major league baseball season kicks off today with some big changes to keep fans and players safe in the middle of the pandemic.

And, one game has already been postponed due to a positive covid test.

Kimt news 3's george mallet has been surveying the baseball landscape this afternoon and joins us with a look at baseball's welcome return.

And katie?



"* i have t for you?

"* ?



"* warn control booth?



"* they to be loud.

Play ball.

Let me do that again.

Play ball!

I figure if i'm loud enough, the snow might let up in detroit.

Major league baseball stadiums are either three?

"* quarters empty or a quarter full today.

How do you view the ballparks?

Nearly a quarter full?

More than half empty?

The first day of the baseball season always separates the optimists from the pessimists?


"* ?


" or not.

And baseball fans aren't spending a lot of time talking about the pandemic.

Instead, stealing a line from baseball writer tom verducci, they are talking about pretenders and contenders.



"* baseball is back.

Starting pitcher gerrit cole threw the first pitch at yankee stadium.

(sot cesar valenzuela) we're coming all the way down from el paso texas so it was a 40 hour drive.

Excited fans in blue and white were back in the stands for the first time since the 2019 season... this time with proof of vaccination or a negative covid test.

(sot kelly hurley) it's a right of spring for us and we're just really excited.

It feels like the world is going back to normal a little bit.

Those who braved the cold and rain masked up to sit in pods... ready to see live baseball.

(sot kim bocchimuzzo) you know everyone in there is negative.

It makes you feel good.

(sot michele wright) we're going to have to make a lot of noise because there's only 10 thousand people here today.

The detroit tigers hosted a little more than eight thousand fans in the snow for their game against the indians.

The red sox game against the orioles was postponed due to rain... leading to this on?

"*air momen.

(sot wbz?

"*tv levan reid) you can see what's happening now.

I'm barely holding onto this umbrella like mary poppins.

And covid is already throwing a curve ball at the season.

Major league baseball is planning to play a full 162 game schedule this season?

"*?*- with fans in the stands.

Needless to say?




" is encouraging all of its players to get vaccinated.

And as long as we're talking baseball, our minnesota twins opened their season today in milwaukee with an interleague matchup against the brewers.

New at 4 ?


"* authorities a asking for the public's help


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