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Thursday, 24 June 2021

Four-goal third period sinks Pioneers women's ice hockey team in UCHC Quarterinals

Credit: WKTV
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Four-goal third period sinks Pioneers women's ice hockey team in UCHC Quarterinals
Four-goal third period sinks Pioneers women's ice hockey team in UCHC Quarterinals

Nazareth scored four straight goals in the third period to come from behind and end Utica College's season in the quarterfinals of the conference tournament.

Team hosted nazareth in the u-c- h-c quarterfinal round.

Pioneers haven't played since march 21 with their last two games cancelled.

The golden flyers brought some fans along with them to the is a u-c fan though.

--- this one was what you'd expect from a four-five seed match-up.

First period - naz with a chance.

Savannah gutierrez coming up big - blocker save on madison nichols to keep it scoreless.

--- with seven and a half minutes remaining - golden flyers break through.

Out of some chaos - the puck deflects right to elie fallieras on the doorstep who jams it home to put nazareth up by one after 20 minutes.

--- in the second - power play utica.

Just 51 seconds in - carly stefanini - with the patience - slides over to caley sisitti for the tip-in.

It's the junior's first of the year and what a game to get it.

We're tied at one.

--- past the midway point - pioneers fresh off a penalty kill.

Ava suda ahead to erica sloan - down the wing and snaps it inside the post.

What a rip and utica college takes a 2-1 lead.

--- but from there - nazareth got things going.

Gutierrez had to be solid to keep it a 2-1 game.

She made 29 saves tonight...naz coach chris baudo - not happy with his squad.

Calls a timeout - and whatever he said worked... ((score)) ...the golden flyers came out and scored four goals in the third to take this one 5-3 as u-c's season comes to an end.

Dave clausen: i'm incredibly proud of them because they really did sacrifice a lot, social circles, significant other tim weekes with family just so that they could stay healthy so we could play.

It's been extremely tough on them but hopefully rewarding when we look back, certainly tonight 's tough.

I think you look at our roster and it's 20 underclassmen out of 28 on the roster and we lost early early in the season we lost one of our junior defenseman so it's a big learning year for us.

It was a lot of fun, we had some great battles with nazareth, we had some great battles with elmira which are perennial top contenders in our league and so we are looking forward to the future with this group the young pioneers squad ends their season at 6-7 overall - 4-4 in conference - winning three of their last five.

Over on the men's side - top-seeded u-c


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