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Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Friday Night Blitz: Spring Week 5 - part 3

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Friday Night Blitz: Spring Week 5 - part 3
Friday Night Blitz: Spring Week 5 - part 3
This week's play of the week nominees and some OIT-SOU basketball highlights.

"welcome back to the friday night blitz on newswatch 12."

Josh okay welcome back into the blitz.

Let's get ready for the big finish.

But before we get finished, let's do a little roundball since its the time of year for it anyway.

Cam i think you are right and i think there is good reason to.

Sou and oit, men's basketball.

While our crew was in the basin, we said, pay the owls and raiders a little visit.

Cam it was a big day for the raiders.

Bac on the floor for the first time in over a year.

But this team looked like it hadnt played in that long.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

Its to be expected.

Oit wins big.

Both teams are going to back in action tomorrow.

I will be there, and i will have a full recap on newswatch 12 at 6.

Josh okay, roundball wrap is over.

Back to the blitz.

Play of the week nominees... carson cota was dng it all.

This catch and run sets up the game-winning touchdown.

138 yards receivng then the game ending sack.

Cota was a huge part of the south medford win.

Josh let's go over to grants pass.

Eagle point took a loss tonight but david brown could still get a win if you vote for this.

This one will be up there in the mostmemorable plays of the year for the eagles.

That man is fast.

Make sure to vote for him on twitter after the show.

Cam throw it back to will the thrill.

At least thats what they call him over at st.

Mary's because if he gets his hand on the ball you are in danger.

This dude is a highlight reel on wheels and you see the breakaway speed right here.

That green looking pretty quick.

Josh of course we have to put this one up for vote.

Ryan watts throwing it off of his back foot while he is being tackled.

And somehow someway, marcello valadez snatches that ball and scores a touchdown with it.

This is the first nomination of the year for the pirates.

Cam each classification this year treating next week's culmination a little differently.

We are tracking the chances that mazama makes it into the bcs style football showcase.

Josh here is what the last ranking looked like for the 4a commitee.

Since the release of that ranking on march 21st, every team on the list has won all of their games.

So, right now, mazama looks to have a fantastic chance to get in and prove that it is the best in the 4a.

Cam and if the rankings stayed the same as they are right now, mazama would play marist catholic in the championship game.

The top two teams play each other in this format.

Gladstone and marshfield would play for third place.

Final rankings will get released tomorrow.

Cam next week we have some really great games for culmination week.

Pay attention.

Some of these games, like this one, are at 6.

North medford will visit sheldon.

The irish are always a measuring stick in 6a.

Those guys are always the real deal.

=== josh we will have grants pass going to north bend.

The cavemen will finish a full season.

They put together a pretty squad this year.

Kick off at 7 p.m.

=== and crater is going to be at home one more time.

They say over there" there is not place like dutch meyer."

Canby coming to town.

North medford beat canby back in the early 2000's to make the state championship.

=== cam i was at that game.

My pops and i drove all the way to portland for it.

Phoenix is going to play douglas over at phoenix-talent rising field.

Kick off for the pirates at 7 p.m.

Douglas making two trips to the valley in a row.

=== josh and finally we come to crook county hosting the henley hornets for the final week of the season.

Pay attention hornets fans, this is one of those 6 p.m.


Even though the regular season ends, we still have a busy schedule next week.

Thanks for joining us for the friday night blitz.

You can find out more about the big games of the week by heading to our website,

Have a great night.


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