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Monday, 2 August 2021

Local brothers face-off as rivals for the first time

Credit: KQTV
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Local brothers face-off as rivals for the first time
Local brothers face-off as rivals for the first time
Local brothers face-off as rivals for the first time

The 8th most siblings that play sports and are close in age.... grow up playing together on the same team.... that has been the case for the holden brothers...but this year that changed, we spoke with the brothers on what its like to play against each other after years of playing on the same team << mitchell riberal reporting (nat sound, brady getting a hit)from teammates at mid-buchanan high school to teammates at juco, now to rivals in division 2brady and brett holden have grown up playing togetherbut 2021 is the first year they are playing against each other on rival teamssot: brady holden: "every team i've ever played on pretty much on the same team so its a lot different looking across the field and seeing him in the other dugout" but despite being brothers and playing on the same team their whole livesbrett says its cool to play against bradysot: brett holden: "it was, it was a pretty cool experience, i've only ever done it once before in my life and that was a couple summers ago against the mustangs so its always cool to face off against him on the other side"sot brady: "all love but its definitely fun to compete against each other" brady chose missouri western (nat sound, brady holden up to bat announcer saying)brett after originally being at western, decided to go to northwest(nat sound, brett holden up to bat announcer saying)but rooting for the bearcats is one thing their griffons family had to work on sot: mike holden: "when i heard he was coming here on a recruiting visit, i was like oh my gosh are your serious, but he is glad his son has found a homesot: mike holden: "i'm glad he found a home and he is happy and as a parent that's all i care about.

The griffon vs the bearcat thing im able to put that aside" brady plays outfield, and brett plays in the their paths do cross from time to time when brady is on base brady: "oh yea, anytime i visit him on the basepaths i make sure to say something to him"brett: "we always chirp at each other a little out there, i like to mess with him when he gets on base but he had a good series so i was proud of him"smack talking before this series?

The brothers say that happen more beofre the season sot: brett holden: "i talk a lot of crap to him in the offseason and we have a better record this year so i let him here about it all the time but we didn't talk about anything prior to this series"while they say it's fun to play against each otherthey hope for the possibility of playing on the same team again.

Sot: brady holden: "i just look forward to next time we play and hopefully sometime we'll get to play together again" a

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