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Saturday, 31 July 2021

Tuckahoe Farms

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Tuckahoe Farms
Tuckahoe Farms
Pass Christian is now home to South Mississippi's newest fly-in community.

- a new and innovative living - community has landed in south - mississippi.

Potential resident- of tuckahoe farms - in pass christian will be able- to not only drive to their- homes,- they'll be able to take a plane- directly to them as well.

- news 25's grace boyles has more- about this new subdivision.

- - <nats: engine>- car motors are drowned out by - - - - the spinning of propellers just- a mile off of i-10 in pass- christian, where south- mississippi's - newest fly-in community and - first professional ski- lake lies.- residents of the soon-to-be - subdivision have a choice to- live- on the 33 hundred by 100- foot- grass airstrip or have- views and access to lake- elizabeth.- julie morris, tuckahoe farms- realtor and ole oaks realty - broker: "the concept is to be able to live where your actual- hangar is located at.

Build a - home with a hangar- on the backside of it or right- below your house.

Be able to- walk out your door, - open up your hangar and fly you- plane."

- - - while the tuckahoe farms- development has been in the - works for six years, the idea o- a community with a private- runway and a ski lake here on - the coast has been on developer- jay - knowles' mind for much longer.- as a child, knowles knew he - wanted to be a pilot.

It wasn't- until he was in his forties tha- he finally became licensed.

In- that- time knowles also picked up a - passion for water skiing.

- jay knowles, tuckahoe farms - developer: "my dad was in the air force - and we used to go to keesler ai- force base and we'd talk to the- pilots and i just - always wanted to fly and as i - grew older i got into different- things and water- skiing was one of them.

Started- looking for some property - - - - because i always wanted to live- on a private water ski lake."

Daniel bourdeaux, recreational- pilot: "it's just a great place with the coast right here - and the big-- like i say-- the- big wide runway and comfortable- and it's- fun to go to new small- airports."

On saturday, dozens of planes - will be flying to tuckahoe farm- between 10 a-m until 5 p-m to - - - - christen the development's- runway.

- jay knowles, tuckahoe farms - developer: "let a lot of the pilots that we- know come in, check out the - runway, test out the landing.

- make sure they can get in - and out of here."

For those not fond of flying or- water sports, tuckahoe farms- will also feature tennis courts- and nature trails.- for more information about the- property and- lots, contact julie morris at - ole oaks realty.- in pass christian, grace boyles- news 25.-