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Saturday, 18 September 2021

Allergic reactions to the COVID-19 Vaccine

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Allergic reactions to the COVID-19 Vaccine
Allergic reactions to the COVID-19 Vaccine

One woman has broken out in hives every night since her second dose of the Moderna vaccine.

Covid-19 vaccine.

But what should you do if you experience a milder allergic reaction such as hives?

That's the question newswatch 12's tyler ridgle has been asking and she joins us live now in medford.

Tyler -- what have you been able to learn about hives after vaccinations?

Well alicia -- jackson county public health tells me there is a chance people can experience hives or a rash after the vaccine-but they're not sure if it is specifically tied to any of the three vaccines as evidence suggests there aren't many antigens associated with the vaccines.

Sot: there's nothing to suggest the vaccines stimulate allergies.

Vo: one woman has been seeing hives on her face and neck every night since getting her second dose of the moderna vaccine.

Sot: i'm on allergy medicine right now, so that's why my face is pretty clear right now.

Vo: jackson county's public health director says he doesn't know if hives are specific to moderna -- but says rashes can potentially show up.

Sot: in terms of allergies, if you have an anaphylactic life threatening reaction to one of the components to the vaccine, that's pretty rare.

Vo: jasmine hunn became eligible for the vaccine as an in home educator -- and having hives was not something she expected but she says she would have preferred to get a different brand of the covid-19 vaccine.

Sot: they can't specifically say it's from the vaccine but they can say this is probably what has caused it since nothing has significantly changed within my environment.

Sot: were you aware of any allergies you had that might be in the vaccine?

Sot:i literally have no allergies to anything and when i started breaking out in hives more severe after the second dose, i actually went and got allergy testedthrough my doctor.

Vo: and after several allergy tests -- each one has come up clear.

Sot: it's pretty scary that i'm still breaking out in hives, they've given me an epipen... vo: hunn says some nights when she's breaking out -- she regrets getting the vaccine and says among johnson and johnson, moderna, and pfizer she's heard of the worst side effects from moderna.

Hunn says despite her reaction -- she's happy to be immunized.

But adds if you're a person with sensitive skin like hers, to get

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