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Monday, 2 August 2021

amazon details

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amazon details
amazon details
amazon details

Was looking to hire locally, and that the hale building, in frankfort, was sale pending.

Now, we know it's official, and, we have details about what the retail titan plans to do with the hale building.

Newschannel 2's joleen ferris reports.

Amazon will soon be delivering products to local customers from this building, in frankfort's 5s north business park .

None .

None :23 "it'll be considered a last mile facility.

What that means is most likely all deliveries will be within 45 minutes but it could be up to 2 and a half hours" the head of the herkimer county industrial deveopment agency says this will mean 100s of distribution jobs, although he doesn't have an exact figure yet.

He says amazon will also contract with uber drivers for deliveries.

One of the most beneficial parts of this deal for herkimer county: amazon isn't looking to the county for any kinds of breaks 2:12 "they will not be seeking any pilot from the ida.

So from day one they'll be paying property taxes, they're not looking for any sales tax abatement, they're ready to give back to the community and we're very excited about that.

That's economic development" and it all began with networking.

Piseck, of the herkimer county ida and a real estate contact in albany 4:48 "we've always been talking about different properties, you know, i'll send him emails, hey what's going on and then he reached out and said, 'hey, there's a building i think for sale in frankfort.

I said, 'you want the contact?'

I gave him the owner's contact, cell phone information and here we are today.

It's fantastic.

Didn't take long, either.

And this was all during covid, btw" stand up herkimer county industrial development officials say pretty much all staying on the story.

A week ago,

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