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Tuesday, 28 September 2021


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Hard at work this offseason addressing the offensiveline..

And finding player to help block and protect quarterback patrick mahomes...well the chiefs have signed austin blythe from the rams to play center and he said that kansas city was his number one choice to play for this upcoming season... (sot austin blythe/chiefs new center: "i was actually born in kansas city, my parents moved up to iowa shortly after i was born and just continued to root for the chiefs so kind of coming full circle here being able to come play for the chiefs.

Obviously, i mentioned the team has been in a great spot the last several years and really excited to get to work, i just wanted to be here and come and play for a great organization, a great team and come in a play offensive line wherever my piece may fit, that's what i'm going to do.") chiefs kingdom is excited to have blythe blocking for mahomes..well to major league baseball..the royals are off today...but the cardinals still in action as they are playing in their second game of their series with the marlins....theis game just getting underway..the score right now is... 1-0 miami..

We'll have a final score for you tonight at 10..

A few city athletes making decisions regarding their college careers..

Including a former lafayette football player... jude barbosa will head down to atchison kansas and join the benedictine ravens..

Barbosa says it's been a goal of his, but never knew it was possible until speaking with legendary former benedictine head coach larry wilcox..

And the new ravens head coach joel osborn... (sot, jude barbosa: it's kind of surreal to think about i mean always thought about as a kid but once you hit that, once you get to it you just don't even think about it anymore.

You're just, i'm just ready for the next step whenever i started getting reached out to coach wilcox, but then whenever i went on my visit up there with coach osborne, so the both just, i mean, just straightforward man just seemed real, down to the point and knew what they wanted.") another lafayette senior also taking her talents to the next level..

Lauren adams will head to william woods to continue her volleyball career..

She says she contacted their head coach and he ended up at one of her club matches..

And the rest is history... (sot, lauren adams: "he said you have potential and i would really like to have you on our team and that really meant a lot to me.

I actually broke down at the tournament i started crying.

Because i was so happy.

I was so excited because that just put my future in clarity.

I was it was clear and it was a really big goal of mine and i just achieved it.") adams also says that william woods is the perfect place for her because she's majoring in equestrian science... that's a look at sports... we'll be right

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