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Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Nearly 25 percent of Hoosiers 16 and up fully vaccinated against COVID-19

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Nearly 25 percent of Hoosiers 16 and up fully vaccinated against COVID-19
Nearly 25 percent of Hoosiers 16 and up fully vaccinated against COVID-19

Nearly a quarter of Indiana residents age 16 and older are now fully vaccinated against COVID-19, state health officials said Wednesday.

From the classroom to the clinic--several i-u school of medicine students in fort wayne are becoming eligible to give the covid-19 55's drew frey explains why students and staff want to bring their training into the community now more than ever.

3 paul bojrab is just two years into his program at the iu school of medicine in fort wayne.but he is already putting his training to work in the fight against covid-19.

Pb: being cooped up doing online classes, it's nice to help remind us why we went into medicine in the first place, which is getting out into the community and helping people.bojrab is one of several iufw students to complete the multiple classes and trainings needed to be eligible to give out the covid- 19 vaccine.pb: it's just a really unique thing to be a part of, that you know, 'oh yeah, i helped give covid-19 vaccines during a pandemic that consumed the world for a while.'students typically don't start hands-on community work until at least their third or fourth year, but school of medicine dean fen-lei chang says, right now, there's no time to waste.flc: because it's urgent, and the sooner we can get more people vaccinated, the sooner we can get out of the pandemic.

Standup: chang says he's excited to see fort wayne students so eager to reach out and give back to their own community.flc: our students, faculty, staff, came from the community.

And we need to go back into community because fort wayne is our home.and bojrab has already seen first-hand how much the vaccines have meant to the people of fort wayne.pb: it's a really fun and unique opportunity to be able to watch them feel so thrilled to be receiving a vaccine.

Normally people are like, 'oh shots are scary,' but no, they want it.

It's a great thing.

It's an amazing science.tag: bojrab has administered vaccines a few times already and says he plans to continue to volunteer his free time in the future.

In fort wayne, i'm drew frey, fox 55 news.

Chang also emphasizes the importance of students learning patient care...regardless of the medical field they pursue in the

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