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Saturday, 31 July 2021

WXXV Student Athlete of the Week: Pascagoula's Keilon Parnell

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WXXV Student Athlete of the Week: Pascagoula's Keilon Parnell
WXXV Student Athlete of the Week: Pascagoula's Keilon Parnell

Pascagoula's sophomore phenom adds his name to the roster of Coast athletes that have received the Student Athlete of the Week honor.

- it's about that time of the - week... when news 25's grace- boyles highlights one of our- local sports stars- here on the coast for wxxv- student athlete of the week.- adding his name to the roster o- athletes to receive this- honor... is a dual sport athlet- that is no stranger to the- program... pascagoula's - sophomore phenom keilon - parnell.- - keilon parnell, pascagoula- outfielder- - so.: "it's something i've got- to do.

I've got to do.

Like if - don't do it, it's not me.

Like - won't be complete if i don't- play baseball."

- at age four, keilon parnell kne- a baseball bat just felt- right in his hands.

11 years- later, the outfielder holds - a .357 batting average... and i- committed to play college - ball at mississippi state.- what may be the most impressive- aspect about parnell as a - student athlete doesn't have to- do with a stat or scholarship..- it's- his ability to command whatever- field he's on... as a - sophomore.- keilon parnell, pascagoula- outfielder - so.: "9th grade--- that's when i was - nervous.

But tenth grade i go - used to it.

Slowed down.

The- whole game slowed - down.

I feel like an- upperclassman my tenth grade- year to my last year.

So it's - normal now."- richie tillman, pascagoula- baseball head coach: "he handle- pressure- extremely well.

He doesn't see- it as pressure.

He sees it as a- opportunity.

So,- he's just going to continue to- grow and get better."

- baseball may be the sport that- has his heart... however when - fall comes around and it's time- to strap on the pads, the - quarterback leaves it all on th- gridiron.

When asked- which sport is his favorite,- parnell is torn.- keilon parnell, pascagoula- outfielder - so.: "whatever - season is in, i guess.

I- mean that's a hard-- that's lik- picking between macaroni and- cheese and pizza- for me.

So i don't know.

It's - hard to pick."- whether he's hitting home runs- or scoring touchdowns,- - - - parnell draws inspiration from- his teammates... in turn making- - - - him a natural leader on his - respective squads.- - - - richie tillman, pascagoula- baseball head coach: "the thing- about keilon is - he's just such a great leader.- guys-- and the way he looks at- it, he doesn't want you to- - - - follow him, he wants you to wal- with him into competition.

And- that's the type of- person he is.

And that's what - makes him so special."- grace boyles, news 25: "not onl- is the future bulldog a leader- on the baseball - diamond, parnell is also a- leader when it comes to the - football field.

During his- sophomore campaign, the - quarterback racked up 2,127 - yards and 22 touchdowns - while leading his panthers to - the south state championship- game."- keilon parnell, pascagoula- outfielder - so.: "football - season and baseball season- started off the same way, you - know.

We started off slow and a- the season went on- we started clicking."

- en route to the semi-finals...- - - - the panthers defeated - hattiesburg in an overtime- thriller on a 29-yard field goa- from kicker caden chisolm-- a - - - victory in which parnell tallie- 168 yards and a rushing - touchdown.- keilon parnell, pascagoula- outfielder - so.: "it was - shocking.

It was- overwhelming, especially that - hattiesburg game.

That's- probably my - favorite game so far.

I - thought-- like i'm going to be- honest-- i thought we were- going to lose, but coach stuck- with it, my teammates stuck wit- it, so i had to stick with it.- and when we stuck with it, we - won."

- as for his remaining two years- in a panthers - uniform... parnell says he's- just going to take it day-by- - day.- in pascagoula, grace boyles,- news 25.- - and if you know of anyone on th- coast that deserves to be - featured... as the news 25- student-athlete of the week...- you can contact our very own- grace boyles via email, twitter- or- facebook... at the accounts - shown on your screen.

- feel free to nominate any - student-athlete of any age... - and - be sure to tune in, every - wednesday... to see who grace - spotlights


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