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Saturday, 17 April 2021

Teenagers 16 and older are eligible to receive Covid vaccine

Credit: KQTV
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Teenagers 16 and older are eligible to receive Covid vaccine
Teenagers 16 and older are eligible to receive Covid vaccine
Teenagers 16 and older are eligible to receive Covid vaccine

Age groups now becoming eligible to get the covid-19 vaccine, the st.

Joseph health department is working with the local high schools to get information out..

Kq2's danielle soxy shares exactly how they're doing it.

<<<(reporting, danielle sachse) anyone 16 or state of missouri is now eligible to make an receive the covid vaccine starting friday..local health officials say they are trying to push out the vaccine information to high school students sjhd health director "we're trying to push out information to the school to educate the parents of students who are 16 and over to encourage them as well to take their kiddos out--their youth--out to get vaccinated."teens aged 16 and 17 will be limited to receiving the pfizer vaccine onlysot: debra bradley sjhd health director "if you are between 16 and 18 and you want the vaccine, you might call ahead to make sure that that clinic has the vaccine that you need."the st.

Joseph school district has sent out an email in regards to informing those that are interested, including their parents, saying...the vaccine will not be mandatory for students to attend schools school district and it is merely information being passed on to parents from their partners at mosaic.but the health department concerned that along with the uk variants will effect the community sot: debra bradley sjhd health director "it's important because we all need to protect each other.

There are some people in our community who truly cannot receive the vaccine due to health issues, and so by others getting vaccinated, we are protecting those."

Inlcuding another major concern...sot: debra bradley sjhd health director "another reason, right now is an important time because in partnership with mosaic there's discussions of stopping first doses at community clinic and transitioning into second dose only and eventually just closing the community clinic altogether because there's no reason to keep a mass clinic open when very few people are coming through."wanting more people to sign up so they don't have to shut down.sot: debra bradley sjhd health director "so we need to know how many people are truly interested in receiving the vaccine and if they truly are interested, we want to get them in and get them vaccinated and then get them on their way."

Reporting in st.

Joseph, danielle sachse, kq2 news> for buchanan county, the current covid positivity rate is at 3-point-five percent, local health officials saying the rate continues to trend down.


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