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Friday, 23 April 2021

Hollywood Night at Tampa Theatre

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Hollywood Night at Tampa Theatre
Hollywood Night at Tampa Theatre
Hollywood Night at Tampa Theatre

Night rolls around, you allittle guilty like, Oh, Iwhat some of the fun is alyou get to do it at one ofplaces.

And let's go aheadsetting the bar when it coA techie from Tampa theateall out for us today who yis the first time I've gotpart of the glitz and glamyear to this time of the yTampa theater really doesthe Oscars, and this yearwe weren't really sure howto April, and now that vacout and the numbers are loto do our first ever hybriSo if you want the party tto the party, we're doingat the theater like we doknow, Joe, before we divenight of which, of course,that everybody looks forwaand a majority of like besExplain how that program wthis is fabulous, that youalways have the opportunitgot the opportunity to seebeen closed.

So the distrito get the movies on screewere eager to give Tampa tsupporting actor and actreon the big screen before tSunday, we've got all of tof the other major categorall of those Oscar nominatwe do every year.

You knowBut the red carpets.

For aa little different, and yofact that you're giving pecan sign up for that beforshow the The awards startvirtual pre show is from 6be able to watch that presome special appearances bAwards Night alum, And we'because this is usually aus.

And since it has to loonline with our favorite aSo we're gonna have some ggreat auction items to bidis going to be virtual.

Yoand pick them up here at tyou want to upgrade to theincludes a catered dinnerthat, really, To be able talready discussed, you stiBut say, you know what thein.

The box is too long.

Wgowns out of the closet anparty in person.

What do pto experience that you wannight event before, it isOscars are gonna look a libig crowds out in front ofnot this year, but it is aauditorium.

We're going toof sparkling wine as you cpopcorn, your soda, your ctheater tradition, if youwe're gonna send you homeis dependent on all thoseWell, again, it is alwaysis so great.

But the theatAnd I love seeing you back


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