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Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Parenting & Pregnancy: What to know about COVID-19 vaccine and allergy medications

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Parenting & Pregnancy: What to know about COVID-19 vaccine and allergy medications
Parenting & Pregnancy: What to know about COVID-19 vaccine and allergy medications
Here's what medications you can take.

Whether you're managing your allergies, surviving a cold... or trying to decide whether to get a covid vaccine... these can be stressful decisions, especially during pregnancy.

In tonight's parenting and pregnancy, brought to you by women's care, kezi nine news anchor renee mccullough has some advice from doctors to help.

If you're watching us through red, itchy eyes... there are some things you can do to ease your suffering from allergies.

14:16:44 the first recommendation is benadryl which if you want to stay home and sleep all day that would be great most people can't really tolerate taking a benadryl every single day.

Doctor kristy kelel says the second line of defense... would be claritin.

And you can always try a netty pot to flush out the allergins.

She says when it comes to battling the common cold... you can take tylenol if you have a fever.

A humidifier can help with congestion.

And throat lozenges and tea with a bit of honey can ease your symptoms. 1415 36 as far as cough suppressants go robitussin dm is all right 40 people always wanna know about sudafed because that's the one thing that makes people feel better.

Sudafed is ok but do not use sudafed phenylepherine i'd stay away from that one 24:24:51 one the biggest questions doctors are getting right now..

Is about the covid vaccine.

14 1727 every day.

Phone calls in person visits.

Doctor kelel says new data shows when mothers are vaccinated... the antibodies are passed to their babies through their umbilical cords.

She says they advise their patients... to weigh the risks versus the benefits.

1418:35 as a pregnant person if you get covid we know you can get more severely disease and get more ill 42 if you're somebody who stays home all the time and you have really limited interaction with other people you really don't have a lot of risk for getting covid so for you you might feel that the vaccine is not worth it.

50 doctor kelel says if you have any questions about medication -- they have a list on their website... covering everything from allergies to first aid.

Or you can call one of their nurses, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Renee mccullough kezi nine news.

She says if you do get the vaccine... you can self report it at v-safe... on the cdc website... so they can track