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Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Taking it to a rival

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Taking it to a rival
Taking it to a rival
Taking it to a rival

He won the ccc player of the week.

He talked to me for this week's amateur athlete.

çááápkgáááÑ great.

Um, that was awesome to get that i was happy for myself and to get those two wins against southern as a collective effort, that was a awesome weekend.

And it felt good to get that award coming into a game like that where there's no, there's no post-season to look forward to, but there's a rival in town.

What kind of mentality do you take your game like that?

Yeah, i mean, uh, at this point, you know, we're just trying to take advantage of the games we got and so we have to go into every weekend and.

And our whole team's coming back.

So it's a mentality of we're going to bust our butts now and it'll, it'll pay off for next year.

And especially when we're playing southern oregon, that's always a high intensity rivalry game.

So the mentality, it was just go in and get two wins and, uh, do everything possible.

We could, when you're having a game like that, where you're just, you're on fire and you can't miss, do you think about it or are you kind of just roll with the flow?

Um, i was kind of just going with the flow.

Uh, i was getting pretty good shots and my teammates were finding me in the paint and, um, getting all the looks i, i like to get, so yeah, just kind of rolling with it and, uh, just trying to do my best.


Let's talk about this second game.

That happens.

That was definitely the one that was a little more exciting.

I think one that people talked about a little more, it didn't necessarily have the high point output, but you had some, some really important rebounds.

Free throws buckets there towards the end.

So kind of just tell me what you were thinking about.

Is there there's seven minutes left guys are down 15 and all of a sudden you guys start kind of chipping away at it.

Yeah, we, we kind of, uh, hit a point in the game and we got together and were like, look guys, it's it's now or never.

Um, i think we were down 15, 17 at one point and we just kind of had to make a decision where are we going to fight back or not?

And so we started to turn it on and picked it up on defense and.

Um, you know, those are the freshmen on our team stepped up big time hitting, uh, some huge three-pointers.

Um, we rebounded well, got some clutch offensive rebounds.

So then once we got a

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