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Saturday, 24 July 2021

Biden Run on Guns

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Biden Run on Guns
Biden Run on Guns
Biden Run on Guns


First at 10 -- president biden -- is ready to take executive action -- against gun violence.

This as local shops -- says they are having a hard time*keeping up with demand.

While the actions in d-c -- will target specific types of firearms. .....sellers say-- demand has been out-pacing supply for nearly a year.

44news reporter valerie lyons is live tonight -- with a closer look at the impact to the tri-state.

With every change in administration -- gun sales tend to go up -- especially when the white house turns blue -- and that's exactly what were seeing now -- as president biden continues to place pressure on current gun laws -- this current "run on guns" has really been booming since the start of the pandemic -- many gun shop owners here in the tristate tell us -- gun and ammo supplies have been running low for a while -- but especially now -- with president biden -- so vocal in his efforts to enact new gun safety measures -- many gun rights advocates -- are worried -- certain liberties -- may not be around for much longer -- and as one owensboro gun shop owner says -- from senator to commander in chief -- president biden is not the biggest gun supporter -- "that's got people a little uneasy.

Nobody really knows what's going to happen so being uncertain about what's going to happen does make people uneasy so they are buying more guns, buying a gun that they think might be banned in the future, go ahead and git it now so they can, so they'll be able to get them if they do ban them."

Miller says -- right now -- pretty much every kind of firearm is hard to find -- that so many people are stocking up -- it's difficult for manufacturers to even keep up with current demand -- just today -- president biden announced a series of executive actions -- including orders for legislation addressing self-assembled firearms with no serial numbers -- known as ghost guns -- and a 60-day review of how stabilizing pistol braces are regulated -- reporting live - vl44news.