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Wednesday, 4 August 2021


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- i'm grace boyles... in for the- next two days for the - irreplaceable jeff haegar.- this afternoon... former- d'iberville defensive back- justin walley... took a break - from the rigors of division 1 - football off-season training...- for a homecoming- celebration... in which the - warrior's swiss army knife was- presented with the 20-20... - class 6-a... mr. football award- the honor is given to one high- - - school football player from the- entire state... in each - division.

- walley received the distinction- following his standout- performance-- all over the- field-- during the 20-20 season- in his senior season... walley- tallied 106 carries for 1,005 - yards... 28 receptions for 329- yards... and 21 touchdowns... - - - while also accounting for 2 - interceptions, 3 blocked kicks,- and a forced fumble... on the - other side of the ball.

- in december... walley put ink t- paper... signing with the golde- gophers... and made the move to- the land of ten thousand- lakes...- to begin classes in january.- here's what walley had to say - about his newest- accolade... and the transition- of playing... at the next level- - "it means a lot, you know, just to see- people from your hometown - really care about you and - support in whatever you're- doing.

So the award really mean- a lot to me."

/ "i still-- i'v been up there three - months and still haven't learne- the whole playbook yet, so i- - - - couldn't imagine coming in july- and how hard it would be then.- but just like catching up to th- game speed and building all the- chemistry with your teammates i- a big - difference, so it helped alot - with that."

Walley says he's mostly been- practicing at cornerback and- on kick-off returns... and that- he's just trying to get on- the field as much as he can.- - tonight we have continuing- coverage of the battle between- west harrison's and gulfport's- on the diamond- due to the stormy forecast for- this weekend... the - admirals and hurricanes faced - off in a double-header at - the herb this ar- the highlights from - the first game.

- regional match up...picking it- up- in the top of fourth... no- hitter in progress for- both teams... - 1.

Outfielder donnie davis... - gets some air under this one...- right fielder eli walker runs - over for the catch and the- first out of the inning.- 2.

Capping off the inning...- josh lee with this strikeout...- no- hitter still intact.- 3&4.

Bottom of the fourth...- blake necaise on the mound for- - - - the hurricanes... west- harrison's defense... keeping - the - admirals off the bases... with- these two fly outs... curtesy - of davis and center fielder - tyler casper.

- 5.

Next batter... catcher mille- matthews... third baseman kolte- scott scoops the grounder... an- gets it to first baseman- brennan jones for the final out- of the half inning... no hitter- still alive.- 6.

Bottom of the fifth... walke- already on base from a walk...- infielder morgan bermond... wit- what seems like the easy pop- out... however fielding error o- the hurricanes make - it a base hit... and walker - claims third.

- 7.

Later in the fifth... senior- baylor ormes rips it deep left- - - field... sending walker and - pinch-runner cooper garrison- sliding across the plate for th- first two runs of the game.

- admirals end the inning with- stranded runners on first - and second... gulfport leads, 3- - nothing.- 8.

Top of the sixth... runner o- first... davis slams one to - - - left field over right fielders- marcus palazzo's head... senior- christian ladner rounds third..- tries to go home... regrets - that decision... third baseman- ethan suroweic tags ladner- out... davis makes it safely to- - - - third... however he won't cross- home before the third out...- still 3 - zip, admirals.- 9.

Top of the seventh..

West- - - - harrison's last chance to get o- the board... scott gets a piece- of it... garrison...- spinning on the throw to- first... for the out.

- 10.

Later in the- seventh....admira ls one out- away from a dub...- jones... to right field... and- the casual catch by walker... - securing the first game in the- double header... 3 - nothing, - admirals.

- - - - today's play of the day is a- feel good moment from the sport- world.- new york mets first baseman pet- alonso is known for - swinging a powerful bat.- before wednesday's game in- philadelphia, the - mets slugger took time to have- some fun with philly's baseball- faithful.

- alonso played catch with severa- fans... who were all- scattered in seats down the - third base line and in the- outfield.

- even though alonso plays for a- division rival.... this is one- moment that several fans will - never, ever forget!

- - -

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