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Saturday, 31 July 2021

More job opportunities opening in the Wabash Valley

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More job opportunities opening in the Wabash Valley
More job opportunities opening in the Wabash Valley

As many people continue to struggle with unemployment, local businesses in the area are looking to hire across the Wabash Valley!


Businesses in the wabash valley are looking to hire!

News 10's hannah follman tells us about the increased demand for workers.

Businesses, restaurants, fast food places and many more companies are hiring across the wabash valley.

Some of the options are especially good for people looking to start their first jobs.

Summer is just around the corner, and so are many local job opportunies.... "summer jobs are part of the staple of americana that we missed out entirely on last year" local economist, dr. robert guell says this is a great oppotunity for young people to get their start in the workforce..

"summer job is frequently the first time a young person experiences the labor market and one of the most important things for the hirer of labor is to try and figure out if someone is a good worker or not."

One fast food staple that is looking to hire is mcdonalds.

They say they are looking to hire over one thousand new employees in the surrounding area.

Local mcdonalds owners, nick and jami kaspryzk say a job like this can better prepare for one's future.

"a lot of really huge ceos like jeff bezos and some celebrities have started their career working at a mcdonalds restaurant so we teach time management skills, social skills, customer service and obviously just having that work ethic, learning what it takes to do a business like this" as the economy begins to recover from the pandemic, more and more opportunities are opening.

However, some employers say this is making the hiring process difficult.

"its very competitive right now.

A lot of the places are starting to get their work back up because of covid so theyve got sign on bonuses and they are upping their wages and in things of that nature.

In a perfect world it wouldn't be as hard as it is right now to recruit."

Experts say people heading back to work is a sign of economic recovery for the area.

"it lends optimism that there are so many employers out there looking to get back to normal and to grow where they are.."

For more information on summer job opportunities.

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