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Saturday, 15 May 2021

Gun Control

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Gun Control
Gun Control
Gun Control

In a rose garden press conference today ... president joe biden announced new executive orders on gun violence and urged congress to do more to curb firearms deaths.among the executive orders is one targeting so- called "ghost guns" ... firearms without serial numbers that can be assembled from a kit ...and he directed the justice department to draft model legislastion for red-flag laws that would keep guns out of the hands of people deemed a threat to themselves and others.

News1's patsy douglas spoke to today with some gun-rights supporters about these exective orders ..

Local gun supporters are not sure about bide's new executive orders..

Some argue that these proposals are only about control ..

Sot - "nothing about any of the shootings that he describes or any of the actions that he talked about taking was going to do anything whatsoever to make people safer" vo - as mass shootings rise across the country..

President biden is pushing for executive actions..

One of those---- passing measures to regulate guns and background checks on al* firearm sales ..

Sot - "all ya going to do is make people feel good about making innocent people unable to defend themselves and if you look back at the history of the majority of mass shootings in the united states the majority of them happen in gun free zones where people were stripe of the ability to defend themselves" bridge - caleb morse , the owner of rustic renegade says louisiana is known as a sportsman paradise..

And he believes the executive orders proposed will cause a massive change to the entire industry ..

Sot - "no one knows what he would do if it would cost the individual 200 hundred dollars in a tax stamp or how the process that they would have to maintain or register their firearms their firearms at that point"vo - morse says he believes a lot of bide's executive orders wo't pass ..

Sot - "there is a lot of fear to be had but i's still a little bit early , i think that there is still a little bit of time where we can go out and reach out legislators , talk to him address that fear and go about it the proper legal way" to view bidens more on bide's exective orders you can go to our website at k-l-a-f dot com.

Live in the newsroom ... patsy douglas, news15.

Louisiana congressman clay higgins is condemning president bide's executive orders on gun-control.

The congressman said the order will not stop these mass shootings from happening, but would instead hinder law-abiding citizens from exercising their constitutional rights.

Adding quote "i will continue to stand in defense of the second amendment and the constitutional rights


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