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Thursday, 5 August 2021

Pet of the Week - Kinley

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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Pet of the Week - Kinley
Pet of the Week - Kinley
April 9, 2021

Waiting for her forever home as we hear from chris maynard tupelo-lee humane society) week 4221, tupelo lee humane society) hi, i'm chris maynard.

I'm a volunteer for the tupelo lee humane society.

And today i want you to meet kinley.

Kinley came to us several months ago, terrified of people and everything else.

And i cannot believe today how much better we can say that she's doing.

She was adopted and taken out of state and abandoned.

Our staff had to go pick her up.

So she's been through a lot.

She is the tight dog that she wants to be with her person all the time.

She loves to ride in the car.

And if she's got to be left alone, she really does very well outside.

She enjoys laying in the sun and would rather be outside by herself than inside by herself.

She's finished her heartworm treatment.

She's not good with small children.

I think she's just afraid of them, but she's good with other dogs and all other people.

So we're looking for somebody really special for kinley to have as a family and we sure would love for you to come meet her.

She can be fostered or adopted.

Her adoption fee has been waived.

And i think i mentioned that she's been through heartworm treatment and all that was paid for by the shelter.

So she's one of our special pups.

And we'd love for her to be yours.

Come to see us.