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Monday, 27 September 2021

Utica Walk-In Vaccine Clinic Highlights New Challenges

Credit: WKTV
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Utica Walk-In Vaccine Clinic Highlights New Challenges
Utica Walk-In Vaccine Clinic Highlights New Challenges

Oneida County's first walk-in vaccine clinic took place today at MVCC in Utica.

It came amidst a surge in vaccine supply, which has not been fully met by demand.

NewsChannel 2's James Corrigan reports.

But the pod highlighted some of the new issues surrounding the local and nationaal vaccine rollout.

Newschannel 2's james corrigan examines those issues.

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None for the very first time oneida county residents came here to mvcc toy to get vaccination wion appoinent.

But thproblem has not been aack of'sn made."

Word of mouth may nhave d aweness for twalk in opportunity toda and whilesocias part "ah, mostlsocial mea" and whilnewschannel 2covers a covid vaccination clinic tomorrow as well.

This is for walkins" local officials are still having troublspreadingthes (take sot picente).

There is a great population that is not coming through that we'retryingd thatt seems tbe the younger pulatn.

Oneida county executi anthonypicente ie doing a lot with variousemployen doing direct outreach my stamp is in the health department with many of our employers" a method which seemed to workfor n vaccine taker "ias notied last wk from workthat i need the vaccine."

E risintrende one dose johnson and johnson vaccine rather than the odose pt mvcc today and at turning stone on wednesday havhundreds e johnson and hnsonods have ttle to no sls left.

The county ecutive says thepeople c, there a convenience a one se johnson johnn.

But that don mean it's anbetter.

Goe contagious and deadly covid variants continue spread.

The cdc said wednesday that the variant first discovered in the united kingdom is now the most prevalent in the country, and is a major cause for the spike in cases in new york city.

While there is no evidence as of yet that this strain is in oneida county at the moment, county executivepics ev more of anncentive toget thei think the facthat there's avaris other warni sign for people to go g it again.let's gs come."

With soany appoinents still avlable this week throughout oneidcountd federal officials all say that there's no time like the present to get a safe and effective vaccine appointment.

You can go on right now to get all the information you need about the vaccine and to get one step closer to making these a thing of the past.

Reporting from utica james corrigan newschannel 2 > going county by county with the latest coronavirus numbers.

Here in oneida county -- ((50(( new positive cases reported on rollout.

Newschannel 2's james corrigan examines those issues.

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"we'rdoing a lot with variousmployers roughout thcounty.

Doingdirect o dose pfizer ofoderna shots.while on wedsday have huneds of sls to fill, thjohnson andjohnso slotleft.

Theounty execive says thpeople can'taffor shs.

" yes, tre is a nvenience of one dose johnson johnso but thatdoesn't .

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