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Sunday, 1 August 2021

FEMA to help with Coronavirus related funeral expenses

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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FEMA to help with Coronavirus related funeral expenses
FEMA to help with Coronavirus related funeral expenses

People who lost a relative to the Coronavirus could be reimbursed for funeral expenses.

On now to our coronavirus coverage this morning, people who lost a relative to the coronavirus could get a reimbursement for funeral expenses.

The federal emergency mangament agency is helping those families through fema.

W-t-v-a-s taylor tucker visited with a local funeral director to get insight on the program.

The program could reimburse certain families up to 9 thousand dollars.

Aslive: paying for funeral arrangements can be expensive.

From finding the church, the cost of a casket, the grave site and much more, the price can be just as devasting as losing a loved one.

((sot:)) "that's what it was designed for, to help people pay for the funerals of their loved ones that died of covid when they didn't have the money to do it."

Steve holland - holland funeral directors that's one of the reasons for the newly annouced relief program ---- but its not for everybody.

((sot:)) "it's not like the stimulus check that everybody gets regardless."

Holland the program is for all americans who lost a loved one after janurary 20th ,2020.

Steve holland, the owner of holland funeral directors says he seen families struggle to cover the expenses of a funeral during the pandemic.

And this program could help those families fincially.

((sot:)) "i think the benefit of this program is that it's really going to help some needy people who occurred the expense and may be paying me or another funeral director by the month or i just gave them 3 to 6 months to pay, and they still haven't come up with the proceeds.

" holland to apply you'll need a death certifcate, funeral contract and receipts.

People that paid out of pocket or with life insurance for funeral services and interment or cremation will recieve reimbursements.

But any expenses not related to funeral services will not be determined elgible expenses.

As for holland he says he hope's the people that need this relief the most, are fortunate enough to recieve it.

((sot:)) "no job, not hardly paying the rent, those people are out there.

The other people don't believe those people exists, but they do exist, i see them every week, covid or not covid."

Holland tag: for those families elgible, the application will open on monday.

Reporting in tupelo taylor tucker wtva 9 news.

Mississippi's variant case totals are now double where they were last week.

Mississippi's variant case totals are now double where mississippi's


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