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Monday, 2 August 2021

Barbasol Championship Volunteer Recruitment 4/12/2021

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Barbasol Championship Volunteer Recruitment 4/12/2021
Barbasol Championship Volunteer Recruitment 4/12/2021

Bryan Pettigrew talks to us about volunteer recruitment, what comes with the Volunteer Packages and what charities will benefit this year.

By little pop up shower forecast t be high temperature around 670 please sunshine ... nathan called a mild lecture.

I think you'll the 2021 bartonville championship pga tour is happening this year at the champions.

I can trace golf in the film ... volunteer registration for the tour is now open tournament director brian pettigrew joinin us by phone with all the detail, welcome brian appreciated as always, we are less than 100 days away from the 2021 barbs all jim chip, obviously very exciting for kentuckian and you guys do unfortunately take last year off our reparations going so far ... great.

I will a countdown clock every day when i walked into th all to 93 days popping up on the calendar and i walk by the planning great were as you know we do you volunteers to run golf tournament and started firing a people about a week ago and really get up to out and welcom golfers are personal golf just you know be a work is about typical current and welcoming our friends and making sure the silhouette.

We know this is always an exciting time here fo you guys here.

We mention because of the cancellation last year talk about how i guys are the here ... were you know we we are sure to document last year we raised about 200,000 you know we we are sure to document last year we raised about $200,000 for local charities.

Even though we do alternate word started about the charity returning this year all got shouldering refuge for women make-a-wish kentucky jewelry little and would go in and were out of sunrise childre services were word started to get out there golfers back to kentucky support our local charity and put on a good show.

Brian s-10 is really glass pectoral fall.

This is obviousl school not that we have fiji to a right here in kentucky with the you guys are funneling that right back in the community and helping in some way.

Why is tha so we all do that ... pga tour year comes to answers you know what you're going to support locally every pga tournament are older revenues to local charities and the we got our security to ensure ours were ordering from your near and dear we have a organization culture 127 we created an on the money goes to gary 127 and its mission is to empower women and children in kentucky, the sole goal on and chatting one point evan disperses a money almost 6 dirty and the you know excited to be back in business like a lot of the on route meeting worker to county officials talk you ... talk drove to go to called to have people coming back to go.

I sat and talked more about the volunteer opportunities.

If you are watching.

They want to take advantage of that.

How can they do you and you can you can go t bars front /volunteer your you don't know after have any golf experience.

We are like uniform distribution or transportation which is helping to our media county golfers around lexington to communications we sure which is kind of you need to (about these reports will be walking around making sure the mouse than persecute particles are critical issues for social do something about artificial record.

The summer and the new one that you lose, but you don't have to know everything about mortgages.

Close to to see the golf first and the cards only 35 and are you volunteer getting a golf shirt and the resulting picture culture and ... and you paid $35 help those wit expense and you get to each day you work a little bit to go watch golf and the to volunteer opportunities $35 shirt work you want to play golf the champions to two weeks out to go.

You can come out and play golf for the other volunteers about what is sure account needed for golf for $50.

So when went ... absolutely brian, thank you as always been with shaded exterior for sure.

You guys tak care all the