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Tuesday, 28 September 2021

New video in Oneonta officer-involved shooting

Credit: WKTV
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New video in Oneonta officer-involved shooting
New video in Oneonta officer-involved shooting

The Otsego County district attorney has verified that a video circulating on social media was taken during the officer-involved shooting on River Street last week.

On social media concerning an officer- involved shooting in oneonta.

We made calls this morning to authenticate that video with police.

A warning... it can be considered disturbing.

Newschannel two's brent kearny is on the story... he's been making calls all morning.

He's live in studio brent.

Good afternoon katrina this video offers a different angle to the shooting and shows everything playing out in real time.

From when the moment officers arrived on the scene.

Now we are going to play the video for you but we will pause the video right before the shooting takes place.

And just a warning some people may find the video graphic.

"i'll (expletive) kill her" dont do it drop the knife.

Drop the knife.

Do it not drop the knife.

"(gun shots) i did reach out the otsego county district attorney's office that did confirm the video is authentic.

On tuesday, 23- year old domestic violence suspect tyler green was shot on river street by responding police sergeant ralph pajerski-- an 18-year- veteran of the oneonta police force.

Pajerski is a member of the department's special response team.

Have had previously requested pajerski's records from teh city.

The mayor says if he returns to work he will be put on administrative duty.

The state attorney general's office is handling the investigation.

Green was accused of stabbing a woman in the leg and threatening officers with a knife.

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