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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

4J high school students begin hybrid learning

Credit: KEZI
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4J high school students begin hybrid learning
4J high school students begin hybrid learning

Students who participate in the hybrid model will learn on-site for two days out of the week and online for the remaining days.

Days to appeal.

The return to the classroom is finally here for high schoolers in eugene's 4j school district..

They started hybrid learning today.

Kezi 9 news reporter kennedy dendy shows your how students and school leaders are feeling after a year of online learning.

< dylan: "it's a lot of new experiences.

I think everybody is just trying to get used to being in school and being around more people than just your family."

Students taking part in hybrid learning will be on- site twice a week and will learn online the other days..*75 to 80 percent of 4-j high schoolers chose that option.

The other students will learn fully online five days a week.

Dylan: "i only had like 10 people in my class."

5 bridge: students can expect 'a' days and 'b' days with different cohorts to rotate between in-person and online learning.

Here's what one freshman student had to say.

Brooklyn: "i like being back because i get to see more people but it's weird being a freshman and not having barely ever been here before.

So it's a little bit hard finding your classes."

So what about graduation?

4j leaders tell me that*will be online, but each school is planning an in- person event.

Andy: "we want to make sure that we have an ace in the hole so that families can get together and celebrate their seniors' accomplishments.

No matter what the county risk level is."

They're hoping to help keep the numbers low... by having students social distance... and wear a mask.

And, leaders say with day one in the books... they're optimistic for the rest of the school year.

Andy: "we're very excited to have people back.

I've spoken with all the schools today and things went really well."

Reporting in eugene kennedy dendy


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