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Friday, 17 September 2021

Wabash Township Trustee talks the investigation into her residency

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Wabash Township Trustee talks the investigation into her residency
Wabash Township Trustee talks the investigation into her residency

Wabash Township Trustee Jennifer Teising says she is facing a state investigation into her residency.

An investigation she says is groundless.

Teising says she is being investigated by the state for her residency.

We spoke exclusively with teising two weeks ago when she showed us documents that she says provie where she lives.

News 18's anna darling spoke exclusively again with teising about the investigation.

She joins us live with more, anna?

Trustee teising says the state is investigating her for her residency.

And is facing charges of theft for stealing wages while allegedly not living in the township.

She told us in our last story that her residency has always been in the township for the duration of her term.

But that she traveled in her rv while working remotely last year.

She says she first learned about the investigation when she and her office staff had reason to believe someone had been in the wabash trustee office.

Teising said when she reported it to police, they told her they couldn't do anything about it because of their investigation against her.

She says this investigation is a waste of tax payer dollars.

And that it is politically motivated.

"i have these republican men who, i can imagine that they don't exactly love a bernie sanders supporting, liberal single mom with a gay child, feminist.

I'm sure they have a real problem with me" i reached out to tippecanoe county prosecutor patrick harrington with several questions about the case.

He says he is not allowed to comment on pending cases.

I also reached out to indiana state police here in lafayette.

Public information officer sgt.

Jeremy piers said "i am unable to speak about anyone who is or is not a suspect in any ongoing investigation."

After our story aired two weeks ago, indiana state police requested the raw footage from that story for an investigation.

That request did not have any sort of legal backing.

Due to journalism ethics and news 18 policy, we will not be turng over any footage to police until they come back with a subpoena.

Reporting live ad 18.

Tippecanoe county sheriff's deputies are investigating a