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Saturday, 19 June 2021

Know the detours for the S.R. 28/39 construction in Frankfort

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Know the detours for the S.R. 28/39 construction in Frankfort
Know the detours for the S.R. 28/39 construction in Frankfort

INDOT began work on State Road 28 and State Road 39 in Frankfort earlier this month.

But because this construction is happening on two main roads through downtown Frankfort, it is causing some confusion on the proper detours.

Well underway on state roads 28 and 39 through frankfort.

But it's causing some traffic problems with detours.

Indot is doing a road rehabilitation project on the state roads.

This includes adding more turn lanes, improving sidewalks and adding ada compliant ramps to sidewalks.

Right now, the westbound lane through downtown is completely closed to traffic.

Frankfort street commissioner jason forsythe says they have had some troubles with large trucks not following the correct detours.

He says large scale construction is never easy for a community but the end result will be worth it.

"we've been working on getting indot to do something on 28 for a long time and just like any state road there's a lot of traffic on that road."

Forsythe says washington avenue is one of the routes people can currently take to avoid the westbound closure on 28.

But that street will also be closing soon for its own rehabilitation project until the fall.

The entire state road rehabilitation project is expected to finish in the fall of 2022.

Indot says the closure for both directions spans state road 28 from main street to harrison street.

And for both direction on state road 39 from clinton street to south street.

Indot has given a detour for 28 using state road 47 to u-s 421.

The city of frankfort also has designated detours.

Find a full list of those on our website

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