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Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Federal Judge puts temporary halt to homeless evictions in Chico

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Federal Judge puts temporary halt to homeless evictions in Chico
Federal Judge puts temporary halt to homeless evictions in Chico

Comanche Creek evictions are put on hold for now.

A Federal Judge ruled the City of Chico cannot remove the homeless or issue any other 72-hour notices.

Creek evictions put on hold - for now.

A federal judge ruled the city can't remove the homeless or issue any other 72 hour notices.

Action news now reporter jafet serrato show us why for now..

They're not going anywhere.

The homeless can keep their tents up at comanche creek - for now - after a federal judge ordered the city of chico to stop homeless evictions.

(rebecca george:) "i'm really happy for everybody here it's a good thing."

Rebecca george was expecting to get kicked out monday morning.

She says this order gives homeless like her a reprieve - however small it may be.

(rebecca george:) "it's keeping it in one area and it's not in bidwell park.

People here are good and they help each other out."

(nats wood cut) kent needham makes cabinets for a living.

His shop is few blocks away from the homeless camp at comanche creek..

(kent needham:) "i'm frustrated.

I mean there's no easy answer obviously" he says the homeless need to move out so businesses like his don't become targets for them.

(standup:) "needham says he sees a lot of homeless people walking through here at night.

(turn around look at security camera, security camera view) so he turns on his three security cameras to make sure he captures any illegal activity" (kent needham:) "at midnight it's like mid afternoon here.

With all the homeless going through dumpsters, charging their phones on the outdoor outlets."

(nats: phone rings) i reached out to every chico city council member about the judge's ruling.

(sean morgan:) "i'm disappointed that a federal judge would say hey you guys can't follow the laws you've written for your own community."

(scott huber:) "this is the court sort of agreeing with my own opinion that these actions were morally and ethically we also talked to councilwoman kasey reynolds as well as the as well as the city manager and city attorney and they all said they couldn't talk because of the lawsuit.

To read judge morrison's ruling look for this story on


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