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Tuesday, 22 June 2021

SEDA meets to discuss Glenwood proposals

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SEDA meets to discuss Glenwood proposals
SEDA meets to discuss Glenwood proposals
Glenwood Development LLC and Localis will present proposals.

Long process.


Matt, renee.

Springfield's economic development director courtney griesel tells me that any development would be annexed by the city.

Right now... glenwood is an unincorporated area that falls under springfield's control.

Now this project is still in the early stages and there won't be a decision made tonight.

There might not even be a decision made at the next meeting on the 26th.

Now in case you're wondering... the springfeild economic development board is really just the springfield city council... plus lane county commissioner joe berney.

<do the proposed developers have the dollars committed to do the project?

Who has capability to do it fastest?

How many housing are they committed to providing.

Housing jobs and tax revenue is what i'm gonna be honing in.

One of them looks almost entirely privately funded.

The other one talks about public debt and public funding and that always means taxpayer dollars."

Berney said this project is a long time coming and that he's excited for development to the area.

However, there were some protestors on sunday who were against urban renovation to glenwood claiming it would destroy the riverfront.

There will be time for public comment at the beginning of tonight's meeting.

The board is asking people to limit their comments to 3 minutes.

The meeting is scheduled for 7 p-m over zoom and will take 90 minutes.

I spoke with developers from both firms and they both told me that they would share more information after tonight's meeting.

Live in springfield, jaewon jung