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Monday, 21 June 2021

Local Reaction to Fatal Shooting of Daunte Wright

Credit: WXXV
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Local Reaction to Fatal Shooting of Daunte Wright
Local Reaction to Fatal Shooting of Daunte Wright

Biloxi NAACP President voices his concerns about law enforcement and their relationship with the black community.

Placed on administrative - leave.- - like the unrest in the death of- george floyd brought to - minnesota and the entire nation- last year, the death of daunte- wright is sparking similar- upset.- biloxi naacp president james- crowell voiced his concerns - about the relationship the blac- community and law - enforcement have developed, eve- here on the coast.- crowell said that law - enforcement training should - include knowing the difference- between how a taser and a gun - feels when reaching for it.

- - james crowell, biloxi naacp - president: "i - - - hope that one day that we can - train these policemen to not- take so serious that every- - - black is going to kill them.- because a lot of-- i know i do.- i have respect for the police.- - - - when i have a problem in my - home, i call them.

You know,- because i want to - depend on them to protect us an- that's why i think most of our- black people in our - community that they feel like - they want to be protected, but- not murdered."

When it comes to improving the- relationship between law- enforcement and the black - community in south mississippi,- crowell says the biloxi naacp - has tried to arrange meetings - with- the


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