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Saturday, 12 June 2021

Virtual 'Walk A Mile in Her Shoes' Event

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Virtual 'Walk A Mile in Her Shoes' Event
Virtual 'Walk A Mile in Her Shoes' Event

The Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence is holding its annual event to bring awareness to sexual assault.

- - for the second year in a row, - the gulf coast center for - nonviolence will be holding its- annual "walk a mile in her shoes" event virtually, due to covid-19.

- g-c-c-f-n is asking people from- across the coast to join- them in bringing awareness to - gender-based violence by- strapping on a pair of high - heels, and taking them for a- mile- - long stroll.- participants are encouraged to- take the mile walk whenever - they can and in whatever attire- they want... including work - wear, sports jerseys, and - military uniforms to demonstrat- support from people of all walk- of life.- there is no requirement for hee- height or type for the- event, just a desire to spread- awareness about sexual assault.- - rene davis, gulf coast center - for - nonviolence communications- manager: "in the past, we've ha some folks- that have braved it and - in-person walked in some really- - - high heels.

And then other time- they wear a nice platform to- make it a little easier, but- there's no requirement.

In the- past we've actually had women - who wore combat boots and thing- like that in order- to show support or male - survivors of sexual assault.- - - - they kinda flipped the script o- that and of course we welcome - that because our center works - with people - who have experienced sexual - assault of any gender."

Everyone who participates and - sends a photo to the email on - your screen by april 16th, will- be entered into a drawing to wi- a - $50 amazon gift card.

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