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Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Flag-raising ceremony honors organ donors and recipients for National Donate Life month

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Flag-raising ceremony honors organ donors and recipients for National Donate Life month
Flag-raising ceremony honors organ donors and recipients for National Donate Life month

April is National Donate Life Month and the Student Organ Donor Advocates (SODA) chapter at the Whitko Career Academy hosted a flag-raising on Monday to honor those who gave and those who received.

A local high school is honoring organ donors and recipients this month by flying a 'donate life' flag outside its 55's kelsey mannix spoke with several people who've been impacted by organ donation..

And found out how important it is to register.

3 sherry leeman, donated daughter's organs: "one of those lives could cure cancer, one of those lives could become president.

The sky is just really the limit,"sherry leeman's daughter died just before her first birthday.

Sherry leeman, donated daughter's organs: "she's been gone three years today and we miss her every day"on the anniversary of emma grace's death sherry and her husband wanted to do something special.

Sherry leeman, donated daughter's organs: "we wanted it to be more than just a visit to the graveyard.

And we really wanted to honor her.

And the fact that this meeting, this event came today and an opportunity came for us to speak, was really her working again going 'here mom, go do this this'll be great."

Whitko career academy's student organ donation advocates chapter raising a flag honoring donors and recipients and raising awareness about the importance of organ donation.marti cooper, indiana donor network: "right now we have well over 100 thousand people on the waiting list here in the united states,"marti cooper of the indiana donor network says a little can go a long way.

Marti cooper, indiana donor network: "and one person who's able to donate their organs and provide tissue grafts for transplants, can actually help about 83 people.

So it's amazing the difference one person can make"to help people like jennifer krider who received a new kidney just over a year ago.jennifer krider, kidney recipient: "the more donors we have the more lives are saved."or brandon spice with the kidney foundation of indiana who is also a 2-time transplant recipient.brandon spice, national kidney foundation of indiana, also a recipient: "to see these young people out here today raising awareness about the importance of becoming a donor is very touching."for leeman it's comforting to know a part of her daughter lives on.sherry leeman, donated daughter's organs: "she doesn't end.

She keeps going and she'll continue to keep going even as her child recipients grow old and have children of their own.

That wouldn't be possible without emma grace."as she said the sky's the limit.sherry leeman, donated daughter's organs: "we've always told her she could do anything she wanted to do and now she will."in larwill, i'm kelsey mannix, fox55 news.

For more information about organ donation or how to become an organ donor visit our website w-f-f-t dot com.


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