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Saturday, 12 June 2021

CVS is one place you can get a coronavirus vaccination

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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CVS is one place you can get a coronavirus vaccination
CVS is one place you can get a coronavirus vaccination

Looking for a place to get a vaccination?

CVS is one option.

More than 35 CVS locations in MS now give vaccines, according to one CVS team member.

To get your coronavirus vaccine, one option is cvs pharmacy.

Wtva's bronson woodruff is joining us now live from tupelo to tell us what the process is like.

One cvs team member told us that getting a coronavirus vaccine here is quick and easy, but you should register before stopping by.



"it's a seamless process."

District leader christopher cunningham said people can get one of two coronavirus vaccines at cvs.

"here in mississippi, we are currently using the pfizer and the janssen."

He said there are more than 35 cvs locations in mississippi giving coronavirus vaccinations.

Sound of traffic before coming in to get a vaccination, he explained there is one thing you should do.

"we encourage all or our customers to make appointments because it is appointment only, and it really makes it more convenient for the customer."

Sound of traffic.

Cunningham said generally, you can get your shot within 10-15 minutes after arriving.

He explained that after the shot, they do ask that you wait inside for an additional 15 minutes to make sure you have no allergic reactions.

Cunningham added its registration system is convenient.

"and that's another great thing about our scheduling tool.

Once you go online and you schedule your first shot, you are actually gonna be scheduled for your second shot as well."

You can find the link to register on our web story later tonight.

Live in tupelo, bronson woodruff, wtva 9 news.

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